Dinosaur NM

My first stop, as usual, is the Visitors Center. I got my Jr. Ranger book. I hopped on the shuttle to the Quarry and started to fill it out. After the quick shuttle I was at the quarry, a deep pit where materials are extracted. This was the actual quarry where they found these bones. […]

Golden Spike NHS

My very first stop in Utah was Golden Spike National Historic Site. So, I’ve never been a big history buff and personally had no idea what this was at all (even though I’m sure I learned about it in a history class at some point). For those clueless like me, this is where the United […]

Glacier NP

When we first arrived in Glacier NP, there was a sign that showed whether campgrounds were full or open. The first one we wanted to try and camp at said it was open! We were very excited, but as we drove through the campground it seemed like there was only one open site left and […]

North Cascades NP

The drive to North Cascades National Park was a new experience for both my father and I. We had been on ferries before, but never with a car. This would be the first time we would drive up on to a ferry and cross the water. North Cascades National Park is split into two units, […]

Olympic NP

Mount Rainier was a blast, but I had to leave to go pick up a very important person to join me for the next little bit of my journey. My dad was flying into SeaTac then we’d be staying in downtown Seattle for the night. We had a GREAT dinner at Elliott’s Oyster House which […]

Mount Rainier NP

It was a fairly quick, smooth drive to Mount Rainier. I got into the National Park, drove to Cougar Rock Campground and picked a site that was open for the night. These campgrounds were very nicely organized and had a leveled area for a tent where I could access everything I needed including the fire-pit. […]