Every state has certain stereotypes, both good and bad. From leaving South Dakota and going into Nebraska we had three options to get to Agate Fossil Beds NM.

  1. Head west into Wyoming and enter Nebraska from the west
  2. Head directly south into Nebraska
  3. Head east to stay on more major highways then go south and back west to Agate Fossil Beds

To us, it seemed most logically to go straight south….. This is the road we took from South Dakota into Nebraska. To say the least, there was no traffic…

Once we got to pavement, we had these guys cross the road.

Nebraska so far was fulfilling the stereotypes I had of it. Although this wasn’t all bad, just lots of open land and open skies. And beautiful wild sunflowers 🙂

After the Agate Fossil Beds National Monument (see post here), we spent the night in Chadron, NE and got EJ’s BBQ & Take-Out for dinner. We had Smokehouse Nachos which was my first exposure to BBQ sauce and smoked meats on nachos. They were quite good. The following morning we headed east to Niobrara National Scenic River (see post here).

This eastern side of Nebraska gave me a very different perspective of Nebraska. It was much more green and lush. From here we headed north back into South Dakota (continue in this post). My time in Nebraska was short, but it was sweet.