Niobrara NSR

Niobrara Visitor Center was the first stop where we read through the exhibits, saw the video, and completed the Jr. Ranger book. One of the exhibits was talking about women in the workforce and had this on exhibit for the first outfits as women rangers.

We drove down a ways from the visitor center and did a hike called the Fort Falls Nature Trail. While we were at the Agate Fossil Beds we walked over the Niobrara River much closer to its beginnings. From here we got to really see the river and how much larger it can be in certain parts.

This gave me a 100% different view of Nebraska and what could be in the Cornhusker state. On top of view of the beautiful river and trees you can see the rock and the different layers from each era, which are dated back millions of years.



Niobrara became a National Scenic River in 1991. Many locals and landowners wanted to save the river and make sure that they monitor the building near the river. The geology, fish, wildlife, recreation, scenery & fossils support why this was made into a national scenic river.

  • Sandhills 5-8 thousand years ago
  • Ash Hollow Formation 6-11 million years ago (mya)
  • Valentine Formation 11-14 mya
  • Rosebud Formation 24-28 mya
    • THE RIVER is mainly through this layer- and the bed of the river
  • Pierre Shale 70-76 mya


  • 535 miles long
  • Begins in Wyoming
  • Feeds into the Missouri River
  • Most of the water is from groundwater in Ogallala Aquifer (one of the world’s largest aquifers)


Below is Fort Falls. Once again the sound, smells and feeling I get at a waterfall kicked in. It is so peaceful and calming to listen to the water falling and splashing.

Not only were the water, trees and rocks beautiful, but the skies here were breathtaking. I’ve really noticed how much more the clouds stand out in these areas that have less major city/pollution.

As we were driving out from the trailhead parking area, we saw these beautiful horses who crossed the street in front of us.

Last but never least, the picture of my Jr. Ranger badge and souvenirs!

NEXT TIME at Niobrara NSR: I would like to go rafting on the Niobrara.

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  1. Emily – love following your amazing journey. So glad to see your dad wih you in so many parks – hope he’s working on his badge too. Where did you land for Xmas? Merry Christmas!

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