Grand Tetons NP

Unfortunately. the pictures I lost (see this post) were mainly from the Grand Tetons. When my dad and I were at the national park, it rained the entire time. That being said we did still see a decent amount and got to go on some wet hikes also.

Our first stop was the Visitor’s Center at Jenny Lake. From there, we went on some of the nearby hikes. The first thing we did was a Lakeshore Conversation ranger-guided hike. Luckily for us, with the rain, we were the only two on the hike. We talked about the animals and wildlife management in the “greater Yellowstone area.” From there we hiked¬†Jenny Lake and String Lake.

We made it to Inspiration Point and to Hidden Falls which turned out quite refreshing despite the rain that got us both soaked from head to toe. My absolute favorite part of these hikes were the smells and the sounds. Listening to falling rain has a very calming essence and the aromas that come out in forests from the fresh rainfall are intense.



How the Tetons were made, including uprising of mountains, movement of glaciers and formations of rocks. Rocks there can be very old; the metamorphic rocks (Gneiss) are 2.7 billion years old, sparkly and striped.

There are many glacier features including: moraines, glacial lakes, u-shaped canyons, and horns (sharp, pyramid peaks). And there are even still glaciers!

There are four main habitats: Alpine, Forest, Wetland and Sagebrush.


  • Teewinot – Shoshone word for ‘many pinnacles’
  • 13,775 feet – elevation of the Grand
  • Tetons are rising an average of .003 feet per year
  • Tribes who spent time here: Shoshone, Bannock, Blackfeet, Gros Ventre and Crow


After leaving those lakes. we continued our journey on Teton Park Road through Jackson Lake Junction and Moran Junction. Our next stop was the Cunningham Cabin Historic Site. From there we headed towards Moose Junction and back to the Bailey’s house!

Now, the one picture that was recovered on my camera of the Grand Tetons was of my Jr. Ranger badge and souvenirs!

NEXT TIME at the Grand Tetons: There are many other hikes in the park that would be fun to do. I would like to be there on a sunny day where the Tetons themselves are a bit more visible and maybe, one day, if I’m feeling really crazy I will try and hike one of the peaks in the park.

PS I’d also get a new picture of the “Welcome to Grand Tetons National Park” sign.

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