Crater Lake NP

The drive to Crater Lake was uneventful. I did still stop at any views, which this route consisted of stopping to take some pictures of the Sprague River and the tree lines. First things first, I needed to find a campsite. Depending on the time of year you visit Crater Lake there may, or may […]

Black Beauty

I’m currently catching up on a few posts right now so first lets start with my brand new baby!! I’m actually glad that I waited (or was too distracted) to post this because now I have had a little bit more time to drive her around and actually experience all that is capable, and I’m […]

The Final Countdown….

Forewarning, this post may be a bit on the long side, a LOT as been going on….the past month has been a whirlwind of party planning, party hosting, job training, studying, finals, emotions, and so much more. I tend to put a lot on my plate and then just need to take it one thing […]

Gearing up

The last couple of weeks, I started to realize that my trip is getting really really close and I definitely don’t have everything I need to even get started.  So I decided this weekend would be a perfect time to start buying some of the necessities. Lanterns (one propane, one for the tent, and one […]

My Changes

For those of you that don’t know, over the last year and 9 months, I have changed a lot, both physically and emotionally. I had stopped caring for myself. Since then I’ve lost 40 pounds, I’ve found myself and am finding things that make me happy 😊 again. This may I will (finally) be graduating […]