Keepin’ Portland Weird

Here is a really cool thing that this trip has allowed to happen. I hadn’t really talked to Julia since I was in high school (8 years ago), but we were friends on social media. When I originally posted about my trip, she had offered to host me while in the Portland area, if I needed a place to stay. I was a little hesitant on taking her up on that, but eventually decided why not, worst case she says no. Well I’m glad I asked because I had a BLAST and got to know Julia and her husband Geoff! They were more than accommodating and were great hosts.

Although I left Crater Lake for Portland later than expected, I was still able to stop at a few scenic points on the Rogue River, as well as views of where Mount Mazama once stood and Diamond Peak.

When I arrived Portland, we went to dinner at the McMenamins Cornelius Pass Roadhouse. Their website describes McMenamins as “a neighborhood gathering spot throughout Oregon and Washington since 1983. [They] handcraft our own beer, wine, cider, spirits, and coffee. [They] offer an eclectic mix of pubs, historic hotels, movie theaters, concert venues, spas, events and just pure fun.”

We walked around the Saturday Market in Portland, seeing some iconic locations like Voodoo Donuts and Powell’s Books. Julia and Geoff happen to both LOVE games as much as I do. We played games I hadn’t even heard of, like Elevenses and Hanabi. I have now purchased them both and will have them with me along the road.

HUGE thank you to Geoff and Julia for hosting me and showing me around!

I then continued North into Washington to visit with my first cousins once removed, Denise and Ron. We got to FaceTime with my grandma and they fed me well! 🙂 They showed me around a few of their local spots that were beautiful! First we went to the Cedar Creek Crist Mill we then drove along the Lewis and the Columbia Rivers. That afternoon Denise packed me a delicious lunch and gave a rinse to Black Beauty and I was off to the my next stop!

THANK YOU Denise and Ron for the hospitality and for all the tips and suggestions along the way (I’ve kept the Kershaw on me :))