Black Beauty

I’m currently catching up on a few posts right now so first lets start with my brand new baby!! I’m actually glad that I waited (or was too distracted) to post this because now I have had a little bit more time to drive her around and actually experience all that is capable, and I’m sure that there is even more that I don’t fully understand.

First off I got a 2017 Subaru Outback with Black exterior and Java Brown interior. I was a little picky, in that I wanted all the do-hickies. Well, I got more than I could even image. It “had” to have navigation, heated seats, backup camera, leather seats. Basically all the fancy things my first car didn’t have (but still thank you mom and dad for the Civic that was super reliable for the past 9.5 years!)

Let me tell you about some of my favorite features so far. Keep in mind these are just features, I am not letting the car drive me and I am still 100% aware of what is going on around me and on the road. First off the cruise control with eyesight. I have the ability to set my cruise control at a certain speed and if the cars in front of me start to slow down, my car will as well to keep the distance I determine and when they speed up again my car will as well. Second, blind spot warning, if there is a car in my blind spot my mirrors light up, I still ALWAYS check, just in case (either way).

It also has lane departure. If I ever veer out of the lanes, it will beep and flash at me to warn me that I am out of the lines. If it happens many times in a row, it will ask if I should pull over to pay attention. My Subaru warns me after the ignition has been on for two hours, which I believe is a perfect time to get up and walk around a little, stretch my legs.

Lastly, for graduation from my Aunt Jan and Aunt Lisa, I got the Thule cargo container for on top of my car. It is perfect! It has enough room for most of my stuff except coolers basically.

If you have any other questions about my car, just ask, I can go on for hours 😍

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  1. Love the car!! Looking forward to seeing your adventures!!

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