The Final Countdown….

Forewarning, this post may be a bit on the long side, a LOT as been going on….the past month has been a whirlwind of party planning, party hosting, job training, studying, finals, emotions, and so much more. I tend to put a lot on my plate and then just need to take it one thing at a time. To summarize this easiest, I’m going to go in chronological order of events for the month of May into June.

Two of my closest friends are pregnant (one should be popping anytime now) and they both had baby showers in May which I helped host.

Katelyn (Hunt) & Mark Chadeayne are pregnant with Jellybean (they are waiting to find out the sex) and had a Dr. Seuss themed baby shower. The baby shower was hosted on May 6th. We had a great turnout, many fun games, super entertaining photos and a plethora of gifts for baby Jellybean! See a few pictures from the party and the invitations. Click Here to see the whole album.

Lauren (Borcich) & Kyle Dandurand are pregnant with a baby girl. We didn’t really have a theme for their shower but it was very whimsical. The weather on May 13th turned out perfect, the decor was gorgeous, and the food was delicious. Baby Dandurand got spoiled and will continue to get spoiled when she is born! See below for a few pictures and Click Here to see the whole album from the Dandurand Shower.


I took three classes this last semester at California State University of Fullerton. All three classes had group projects and finals that were due that last week of school leading up to graduation (May 15-19). On May 20th around 10 am I walked at the Commencement ceremony. I finished my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Information Systems.


During all this, I was also training my replacement at work. My last day of work was the day before graduation and went very smoothly!

My brother was coming from Boston to see me graduate and had to leave the next morning(Sunday), so we decided to have the party on the same day as the graduation. That being said, this meant that in the month of May I was helping plan two baby showers, training my replacement, finishing three classes, graduating, planning my goodbye party, and trying to finish planning my trip. I can happily say all things have been done well and successfully, except the last one (which I’ll get into later).

Now on to my Graduation/Bon Voyage party.  I could not have had this party go as smoothly as it did without a few people. First my parents, they have helped me with all aspects of life, but definitely helped with the details of this party, for one hosting it at their house, food and alcohol. Thank you Humphries, who opened their house for our overflow and for all the good stuff like beer and desserts! My Aunts Jan & Lisa who helped pick up the cake and helped with set up! Lauren, thank you for coming to help Megan with all the decorations. Ryan thank you for helping with setup, cleanup, decisions etc.

Last, but definitely not least THANK YOU to MEGAN ANDERSON!!! I 100% could not have done this without you. We stayed up until 3 am working on decorations and food, because that is what we do every time we have a big event (who knows why, but without fail). We woke up around 7 am so I could start getting ready for graduation and the party. Of course because I love stress (NOT), I thought I lost all my cap and gown accessories (which I wouldn’t be able to walk without) and you found those in the morning for me! The family left to go to graduation and I got picked up to go by 830. Graduation started at 930 and the party started at 2. You did an amazing job setting up everything! And again THANK YOU!



Those are some pictures from the party, feel free to click here to see all the pictures from graduation and the Graduation/Bon Voyage Party.

Once the graduation party was over I started to get sick, I think all the stress I had flowing through my body final all hit me.  Well that pretty much summarizes everything up towards the end of May. I’ll be adding another post really soon and I have a leaving date now 🙂