Gearing up

The last couple of weeks, I started to realize that my trip is getting really really close and I definitely don’t have everything I need to even get started.  So I decided this weekend would be a perfect time to start buying some of the necessities.

  • Lanterns (one propane, one for the tent, and one headlamp)
  • Water shoes
  • Hiking boots
  • Sleeping bag (the one I had was 20 years old)
  • Propane camping stove
  • Solar panel charger
  • Large external battery
  • Essentials for kitchen (a kit that came with everything like pots, pans, plates, cups, bowls, a sink, etc and it all fits inside each other)
  • Utensils for kitchen (another kit that came with forks, spoons, knives, spatula, knife, cutting board, etc that all fits inside a case

Also in that picture is a dash cam I got from my parents for Christmas. Which I will be using to make a time lapse video of my trip ☺️ And my wonderful mother got me a new phone 📱 too

I didn’t buy, but did pick out and should be ordering next week

  • New tent
  • Coolers – a Yeti and a Coleman with wheels
  • Camping chairs

And here are some pretty pictures of flowers from my front yard. Again trying to practice and figure out how my new camera works. The last one is my favorite. If you don’t know what it is…. you should all go buy some right now. It is Milkweed which is what Monarch butterflies lay their eggs on, and their caterpillars eat their leaves! Monarchs just so happen to be my favorite butterfly and we have 5 different Milkweed plants for them 😍🦋 Soooo go buy some, save the monarchs, and watch the caterpillars 🐛  grow!!